Quality Policy

TVIPL strives to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction by delivering quality products through timely completion in safe working enviroments. We dedicate ourselves to continual improvement in all fields of our business.

Quality Objectives

To consistently deliver quality products by adhering to set specifications, contractual, regulatory and statutory requirments.

To achieve enhanced customer satisfation through cost-effective and timely completion.

To motivate and train staff for continual improvement of quality standards.

To update and implement the procedures complying with international standards.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Shared responsibility and generosity for the society have long been part of the Indian tradition. The tradition continues at TVIPL, where corporate social reponsibility is fixed in the Organisation. It is therefore no surprise that at TVIPL, we continuosly think of ways to direct wealth from successful business endeavaours towards societal development. Our responsibility doesn’t end with mere thinking. TVIPL commits resources and effort.

To ensure that CSR remains an ongoing activity and receivs maximum attention, we set up the TVIPL Foundation, earmarking a portion of TVIPL’s net profit every year for the social and philanthropic activities of TVIPL Foundation to the lives of the unheard and unserved.