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New Quality policy and quality objective @ TRIE-VIZ Infracon pvt. Ltd.

QUALITY POLICY The Quality Policy of the TRIE-VIZ Infracon pvt. Ltd. is both Customer Focused as well as Performance Driven. Customer Focused Satisfy all our client's needs and expectations Make commitments we fully understand and believe we can meet Meet …

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HR PREFACE of TRIE-VIZ Infracon pvt. Ltd.

"People being our most valued assets", the HR function of the TRIE-VIZ Infracon pvt. Ltd. is responsible for the welfare of all employees of the company business. The Head of Department of HR is overall responsible for the effective functioning …

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Employee of the Month at TRIE-VIZ Infracon pvt. Ltd.

At Trie Viz Infrocon Pvt. Ltd. Every month each Department Head nominates an employee for the "Employee of the Month" award which is based on outstanding work done by the Employee concerned. The employee of the month is chosen from …

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