"People being our most valued assets", the HR function of the TRIE-VIZ Infracon pvt. Ltd. is responsible for the welfare of all employees of the company business. The Head of Department of HR is overall responsible for the effective functioning of the department and reports to the Director. The Standard Operating Procedures of HR give an in-site of the functioning of the department, its reporting structure, Job Descriptions and KRA's for various positions, Benchmarks, Policies/Standing Orders, Specialist HR Functions, Compliances and Formats. These SOP's are an attempt to update employees joining the HR function of the Group and as a ready reference to any other department employee or auditor.
Care has been taken to explain the procedures in a simple yet effective way by using flowcharts for certain important processes.

This is not an exhaustive attempt and therefore is open to editing, subject to management approval.

(HR Department)